Historic Old Town

Bad Radkersburg is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.


A Garden Paradise

A delight for the senses!

If Adam and Eve were still alive today, they would have chosen an apple from the grounds of the Romantik Hotel im Park in Bad Radkersburg!

Whoever strolls through the park grounds among the expanse of flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs knows they are in a paradise. The extensive arboretum you will find here is very special. It is divided into many small oases where guests can easily slip away to relax however they wish. The love and detail given to creating this landscape is immediately visible, and it is truly an enrichment to any stay at the hotel.

When the summer sun smiles brightly in Bad Radkersburg, temperatures can soar. Then it’s time to try one of the delightful, local ice cream creations from the pool bar and find a cool, shady spot somewhere in the park grounds.

What makes our park so special?

It was designed as a park paradise with love and a feeling for perfect harmony within itself and with its surroundings. The shifting textures of blooms, grasses and colourful shrubs arranged among small stands of trees brings structure to the park and creates small, sensory oases of rest and rejuvenation.

The head gardener for the park keeps things minimal. A little trimming here, fertilizing and mowing there, occasionally replacing a plant or shrub, and the naturalness of the park is maintained. Our park grounds are a pleasure for guests and staff alike at the Romantik Hotel im Park.

Here’s a secret tip: Be sure to visit the silver fir in the Zen garden and caress its soft needles every day during your stay. As you do so, be sure to make a wish. The team at the Romantik Hotel im Park are certain that your wish will be granted! Come visit our park grounds and wander among the oases of relaxation!

Interview with the Werner Family

The Werner family is a regular guest at the Romantik Hotel im Park. They talked about the garden in part of their interview:

What do you think is the greatest accomplishment here?

When the beautiful gardens were expanded, we fell in love with this place all over again. Our favourite is the reading corner in the crown of the tree, the ‘tree house’ as we call it. This place is like a summer dream. You can sit and reflect or write, read or observe, actively experience or be very mindful. It is a way to completely withdraw.