Historic Old Town

Bad Radkersburg is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.


Regional Cuisine

Pumpkin seed oil, scarlet runner beans, wine and more

The southeast of Styria has been richly blessed by climate and landscape and especially by cuisine - all the plentiful and delicious ‘gustostueckerln’, such as scarlet runner beans, air-dried ham, vinegar and brandies. And of course, the famous Styrian pumpkin seed oil. And special wines. And all the specialities one doesn’t even expect here! Pasta and various pestos, chutneys and the Romantik Hotel im Park’s home-made sweet pepper ice cream.

Climate that favours a rich food culture

Southeastern Styria lies in a meteorological transition zone in Europe that is influenced by Adriatic weather. This location bestows the region with very pleasant summers, a particularly mild autumn and cold, dry winters. Spring often begins in February. These are the best conditions for fertile soil - and also for the emergence of a diverse food culture.