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Historic Old Town

Historic Old Town Bad Radkersburg, Styria

Bad Radkersburg is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.


Historic Old Town

Bad Radkersburg (Slovene Radgona ; old Hungarian name: Regede) is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The first documented mention of Bad Radkersburg was in 1182. Under the Habsburg king Albert I (1255 -1308), Radkersburg was established for the first time as a town. Already by the end of the 13th century, the town was surrounded by a wall with towers.

After the end of the First World War, troops occupied the SHS state (Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes) of Radkersburg and its surrounding communities on the left banks of the Mur River. The town was split and the Oberradkersburg district (Gornja Radgona) on the other side of the river became part of Slovenia, or the SHS state. The Treaty of Saint Germain-en-Laye made Bad Radkersburg into a split border town for good in 1919.

Bad Radkersburg was the first town in Austria to be awarded the European Gold Medal for Memorial Care in 1978. All architectural styles are to be found here, from Romanesque to Art Nouveau. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.

arcades museum
Herberstorff renaissance palace
Russia Memorial
Old Town alleyway
aerial photo

Places of interest

  • Rathausturm (Town Hall Tower): The town's landmark; the first three floors are from the Gothic period. The upper part of the tower was rebuilt after it was destroyed by a fire in 1806.
  • Stadtpfarrkirche (Town Parish Church): The church nave of the triple-nave Gothic basilica emerged from a former armoury; a fragment of one of Johannes Aquila's frescoes can be found on the outer wall of the church.
  • Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady): From the late Baroque period.
  • Mariensäule (Column of the Virgin Mary): Memorial of the pest plague of 1680; in front of the column the years are engraved in the paving stones as a memorial to the Counter Reformation around 1600.
  • Pistorkeller: The Pistorkeller (Hauptplatz no. 30) contains Austria's oldest secular frescoes by Johannes Aquila
  • Museum im alten Zeughaus (Museum in the Old Armoury): Regional museum. The armoury with its two-storied arcades is one of the town's most beautiful buildings.

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