Historic Old Town

Bad Radkersburg is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.


Tips for an excursion in the region

There are many excursion destinations with interesting and exciting things to discover in and around Radkersburg. Here are a few classic and insider tips for the whole family. The historic town of Bad Radkersburg is located at the national border, and is also an ideal starting point for an excursion to our neighbouring countries in the four-border area. Would you like to visit one of the natural preserves in Hungary or Slovenia? Then grab a bicycle and cycle the three-country natural preserve route! There are great excursion tips for hiking here as well, and more than 10 other excursion destinations for your holiday.

After an eventful excursion, you will want to be sure to indulge yourself in the multisensory cuisine of the Romantik Hotel im Park. No day of a holiday in Bad Radkersburg is complete without enjoying a treatment in the Sinnreich or relaxing in the hotel’s own spa.

Craftsmen's village of Pichla bei Mureck

About 25-minute drive from Romantik Hotel im Park

This craftmen’s village, also called the ‘village at the border’, was reconstructed by Gerhard Seher from the crumbling historical buildings that were here. You will be able to see a foundry, a smithy, a wheelwright, a cobbler’s workshop, a threshing barn with old peasant tools, a tree press, a bee hive, a farmhouse with a smoke room, a cottager and a weaver’s room.

Contact info: Gerhard Seher, Pichla bei Mureck 71, 8481 Weinbug, Phone +43 664 3832963

Ship’s mill in Mureck

About 25-minute drive from Romantik Hotel im Park

A unique type of water mill based on an invention by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio ( was constructed following historical blueprints by Murecker Murmüller in 1996/1997. The ship’s mill is completely functional and consists of a houseboat and a wave boat with a water wheel placed between them. This form is unique to central Europe.

In addition to the ship's mill, you will find the mill farm with a 250-year old farmhouse that is rustic inn today.
Contact info: Kurt Eisenpass, Am Mühlenhof 1, 8480 Mureck, Phone +43 3472 2952,

Graz - Culture and zeitgeist

About 1.5-hour drive from Romantik Hotel im Park

Graz became the first Austrian city to be named a European Capital of Cultural in 2003 thanks to its vibrant cultural offerings. The unique flair of the metropolis on the Mur is what really clinched success for the Cultural Capital And why it still calls itself a European Capital of Culture. But there is also its unique arts programme.

Every year in autumn, the Styrian city is filled with the latest art. Since 2006, this has been under the direction of its latest and likeable director: Veronica Kaup-Hasler.  The “styriarte” festival creates new approaches to ancient music. Completely in harmony with is the artistic central figure: Nikolaus Harnoncourt. In summer, there is the street and puppetry festival, “La Strada”, that puts street art at the highest level: as a festival of international theatre. Every spring, “DIAGONALE” takes place: the Austrian film festival. The spring festival of electronic art and music is also in spring and takes place all over Austria. And Graz is also a centre for jazz. The annual jazz summer demonstrates this: An all-star jazz line-up on a big stage at small prices.

Those are just some of the programme highlights from the Graz cultural calendar. An opera house, a theatre, three symphony orchestras and the largest state museum in Austria are all involved in making Graz an excursion destination not to be missed!

Contact info: Graz Tourismus & Stadtmarketing GmbH, Messeplatz 1/Messeturm, 8010 Graz, Phone +43 316 80750,