Historic Old Town

Bad Radkersburg is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.


The region around the Romantik Hotel

The spa region of Styria

The thermal region of Styria, with six thermal baths (Bad Radkersburg, Bad Gleichenberg, Loipersdorf, Bad Blumau, Bad Waltersdorf and Sebersdorf) is a sunny region in the southeast of Styria. Medicinal thermal waters, gentle hills, mild climate and fertile soil are the hallmarks of the region.

The outstanding Styrian wine and the genuine Styrian pumpkin seed oil from the region have excited more people than just master chef Johann Lafer. Born in Styria and an ambassador of Styrian pleasures, he swears by the culinary delicacies of his home region.

These delicacies can be enjoyed during a leisurely bike tour. The tour leads through the marshland and vineyards that characterise the cycling area of Bad Radkersburg and neighbouring Slovenia, where a visit to a “Buschenschank” (wine tavern) should not be missed.

Hardly any other region in Austria has so many castles and fortresses. Which is why an expedition through the thermal water region of Styria is always a journey through the past as well. Bad Radkersburg is one of the most important sites of trade with a 700-year-old town history. The Kapfenstein wine castle sits on an extinct volcano. The imposing Riegersburg fortress also sits on a volcanic mountain and houses a witch museum. The family of the Prince of Lichtenstein has been the castle owner since 1822. No fewer than 18 fortresses and castles line the Castle Route crossing the thermal water region of Styria.

Bad Radkersburg is a friendly city steeped in tradition and the southernmost thermal site in Styria. The pleasant climate combined with the variety of culinary and tourist offerings and the most sunshine in all of Austria make this town one of the most popular destinations for holiday in Austria.


Styria is the second largest state in Austria and lies in the southeast of the country. More than half of the surface area is covered with forest, which is why it is called Austria’s green heart.

Many different landscapes meet here, from an alpine region with massive mountains to the gentle hill region of the south with its wine, apples and pumpkin.

A holiday in Styria has a lot to offer. Discover its nature on foot or by bike, relax in the spas at the Styrian thermal baths and enjoy the first-class food in the wine taverns and inns!

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Austria is in central Europe and is a popular destination because of its natural landscape, many cultural monuments and beautiful cities. Discover all the activities the country has to offer - skiing on glaciers, hiking on high mountains and walking in the hill region. Find the relaxation and rejuvenation you are looking for in the spas at the many thermal sites.

For connoisseurs, Austria offers a multitude of delicacies to discover. These delicacies are made in kitchens and cellars that benefit from the variety of raw materials that grow and blossom outdoors in this region.

Even the cities and town of Austria will enchant you with their architecture, history and cultural events. And there are plenty of shopping possibilities for guests as well.

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