Short break

Short Break

2 nights including "Five Senses Cuisine", 1 x intuitive massage, participation in relaxation & fitness programme, relaxing and unwinding in the hotel's spa and sauna area.

from € 243,- per person

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Historic Old Town

Historic Old Town Bad Radkersburg, Styria

Bad Radkersburg is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.


Energetic body treatments

Balancing body treatments

These treatments bring the energy flow into balance, activate the self-healing powers and release blockages. Experience the revitalizing effects of this energetic body treatments at the Romantik Hotel in the Park.

Shiatsu massage

Japanese healing massage – using palms, feet and elbows to stretch, rotate and apply pressure, your own self-healing powers are mobilised and your body's energy system harmonised. You lie on a mat on the floor for this treatment, so it is advisable to wear light and loose clothing.

50 minutes: € 66,00

Meridian or acupuncture massage

According to Penzel: special method of treatment that uses the Chinese principle of yin and yang. Using meridian and point treatment, this massage brings the body's energy flow into balance, dissolves blockages and activates the body's powers of self-healing.

50 minutes: € 66,00

Holistic pulsing

Body-related, holistic method of achieving energetic balance, especially suited to people who suffer from stress, who feel "bogged down", or are affected by severe psychosomatic complaints. Applying special movements which send the body into light, pulsating ripples, this sensitive and gentle "rocking" relaxes and relieves deep-rooted mental blockages and vital energies are stimulated into flowing freely.

50 minutes: € 66,00

Cranio Sacral

The healing processes in the body are stimulated through gentle pressure and small movements applied to the meninges and cranial bone – particularly recommended for migraines, acute and chronic pain, tinnitus, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, depression, relaxation, and aftercare following strokes. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing for this treatment. ´

50 minutes: € 68,00