Historic Old Town

Bad Radkersburg is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.


sauna landscape

To take a sauna means: Variety and relaxation

Sauna at the Romantik Hotel im Park ****Superior is not just ‘sauna’: We have created a wellness area for guests with some very special equipment that guarantees healthy, relaxing sauna pleasure during your holiday with us. Our sauna area is one of the most varied and imaginative in entire Styria.

The Bad Radkersburg sauna ceremony

Our sauna masters, Lidija, Tamara and Ewald, lead you through a sauna ceremony that will create a memorable timeout for you.

The highlight of the Bad Radkersburg sauna ceremony is the Bad Radkersburg water infused with natural, fresh pine chips from the Styrian volcanic region. The characteristic fragrance of the pine is not only refreshing, it also helps head colds and soothes pain.

And to complete each sauna experience in Bad Radkersburg, the air is fanned following traditional German ‘wedeln’ or ‘wacheln’ methods. Tips and information on the health effects of taking saunas are also included.

Opening hours

  • Thermal pool area, earthen sauna, Kristall Sanarium®, infra-red cabin:
    Daily from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Stone bath, Sudatorium: daily from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Sinnreich: Reception Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 p.m.
    treatments Monday through Sunday from 7:00 a.m. onward
  • Fitness room: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m

Earthen sauna

Our earthen sauna was originally a type of below-ground safety and storage space for food. At Hotel im Park, we have transformed it into our popular earthen sauna - a modern ‘sweat lodge’ using 100-year old Finnish kelo wood. A uniquely authentic Styrian sauna experience awaits our guests. Room temperature: 80 - 91°C


We promise our guests: You will never feel in greater harmony with yourself and the world as at our Sudatorium. The Sudatorium offers a soft, agreeable, ‘feminine’ steam bath atmosphere - ideal for simply forgetting the rest of the world and enjoying time for yourself. A classically decorated steam bath and health-promoting brine bath under three domes await you. We decided against any kind of pretentious equipment and instead created a bathing experience modelled on the clear, healthy guidelines of ancient bathhouses. Immerse yourself in the misty steam of the old bath culture. The heat from the steam bath promotes circulation and purifies and invigorates the skin. Pool temperature: 43 – 46 °C, humidity: about 100 %

Stone bath

In the stone bath at the Hotel im Park, special stones are repeatedly heated and cooled in a special basket until they release the valuable elements they hold into the steam of the bath. That creates a soothing atmosphere and contributes to a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. Room temperature: 60 – 70 °C, humidity: 50%


The positive vibrations of crystals have been accredited with powers of repelling harmful influences, and these are used to accentuate the relaxing spa experience at the Hotel im Park. Combined with soothing scents, the Kristall Sanarium® is a total experience of holistic, sensual pleasure that is particularly gentle on circulation. Room temperature: 46 – 60 °C, humidity: 40 - 55 %

Infra-red deep heating cabin

Our infra-red heating cabin promotes blood flow and metabolism, strengthens circulation, and detoxifies, purifies and promotes cell renewal whilst gently warming the body.  You will sweat easily, and at temperatures of only 30 – 40 °C.

Domenico dell Allio resting room

The Domenico dell Allio resting room, inspired by the Renaissance architect who brought Italian architecture to Styria, offers our guests unparalleled relaxation on therapeutic loungers and waterbeds as they enjoy the view of the Medieval town of Bad Radkersburg. An area of wellbeing with special islands of strength and energy.

You can look forword to:

  • Sauna tea, whey, fruity snacks in the resting rooms
  • A drinking fountain with energy water
  • Guided sauna infusions refined and enriched with ingredients from Styria such as apples, slivovitz, strawberry-grapes, honey. Exact times can be found in the daily schedule.
  • Diving pool in the sauna courtyard