Short break

Short Break

2 nights including "Five Senses Cuisine", 1 x intuitive massage, participation in relaxation & fitness programme, relaxing and unwinding in the hotel's spa and sauna area.

from € 243,- per person

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Historic Old Town

Historic Old Town Bad Radkersburg, Styria

Bad Radkersburg is a borough in the southeast of Styria. The town is a member of the Association of Small Historic Towns.



Our water is extraordinary

Thermal spa indoor pool

The Bad Radkersburg thermal spring water, which bubbles up with great force from a depth of 1,930 metres and leaves the earth at a temperature of 80° Celsius, is quite extraordinary. It eases muscle tension, stimulates blood flow and relieves pain in the back and joints. The musculoskeletal system benefits from an improved metabolism; regeneration following operations and injury to joints, bones and muscles is boosted. "Sanus per aquam", health through water, has a special meaning at the Hotel im Park.

To ensure that the water and its substances do not just have a healing effect, but a relaxing effect too, we have created an extensive spa and sauna area around the thermal spring, which is available exclusively to our hotel guests.

Our thermal spring water

Our thermal spring water has been scientifically examined and may be referred to as healing water. In line with a healing water analysis from 2001, it contains the following (mg/kg): of anions, it contains sodium (2,128.0), calcium (127.8), potassium (182.4), magnesium (59.2) and ammonium (5.6); of cations, it contains hydrogen carbonate (5,687.0), sulphate (400.9), chloride (229.5), dissolved mineral substances (8,824.0) and free carbon dioxide (790.0).

Please note the following possible contraindications: In the case of thyroid gland dysfunction, acute inflammation, rashes, as well as heart and circulatory problems, you should contact your general practitioner or our spa physician before bathing in the thermal waters.