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The garden should become a feast for the senses, and that’s exactly what it is: wonderful scents of thousands of flowers as well as appealing color stimuli or the voices of the animal inhabitants of the garden contribute to this.
The garden is a place of rest and relaxation, the various resting places invite you to linger, rest and in-your-face. Nowhere can you find so much tranquility as here, relax after a visit to the spa or a wellness treatment, for any activity the garden is the perfect relaxation complement. We are sure that if Adam and Eve were alive today, they would have eaten their apple in the garden of the Hotel in the Park in the Bad Radkersburg region!
Because the guest feels like in paradise as soon as he enters the garden and sees a sea of flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs in front of him. The spacious garden is something very special. It is divided into many small oases that make it easy for guests to relax in their own personal way. One notices immediately: this garden was designed with a lot of love and an eye for details, and is a real enrichment of the guests’ stay.
When the sun shines from the sky in summer, the temperatures in Bad Radkersburg climb to dizzying heights. Here you need to cool down, this is offered by the pool bar with delicious peasant ice creations, but also the garden itself, because here you will find different small and large shaded areas with a feel-good climate.
What makes the garden so special?
The designer, with great love and a sense of harmony, has created a garden paradise that harmonizes perfectly with the surroundings. The alternation of blooming flowers, lush grasses, colorful shrubs combined with small groups of trees brings structure to the garden and conjures up many small oases that bring relaxation and stimulate the senses.
The janitor, who looks after the garden, assures that the maintenance is not costly. A little topiary, fertilizing and mowing the lawn, renewing a plant now and then, and the gardening is over! So the garden is not only a pleasure for the guests, but also for the employees of the hotel in the park.


Directly adjacent to the terrace to the restaurants is a small snack garden with fresh garden herbs. In the warm season you can refine your meals with freshly picked or harvested herbs and berries! Go to the beds and get what you feel like. It’s harvest time: get healthy fruit, with meals or just in between as a small snack! A short tour through the snack garden of the spa hotel is worthwhile in any case, because the scent of the lush growing herbs alone is a feast for the senses.


In the massage pavilion, surrounded by the scents and voices of nature, you can perceive your massage appointment during your wellness vacation. The pavilion is located in a specific place, it was set up by experts at a radiesthetically determined energy zone, so that you can enjoy the caresses of our spa staff in complete harmony with yourself and nature. The offer of healing body treatments is diverse and ranges from classic healing massage to wellness massage.


Another special feature is hidden in the garden of the Romantik Hotel im Park: the reading room. At the end of the garden in the direction of the city park of Bad Radkersburg there is a group of trees with a tree house. Climbing the steps towards the treetop, you will find the open tree house, where a swinging suspended lounger invites you to relax. Here the feel-good factor is particularly high. The tree house is a special feature that will make your wellness vacation at Romantik Hotel im Park unforgettable. Alone, but also as a couple, you can spend a few undisturbed hours here.


Through the small Zen garden flows a small stream over a gravel surface and several special stones. The center of the garden is formed by a group of trees, here one tree in particular stands out: the gray Colorado fir. Its gray color and soft needles, up to 7 cm long, distinguish it from the traditional fir found in our forests. It is native to North America and seems to be equally at home in the mild climate of southern Styria. In the Zen garden, a tree is used as a lucky tree: stroke the soft needles every day while making a wish in your mind.


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